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Swimming Books

Recommended reading.

"Swimming with smiles" - Happy Wild Swimming
- An assortment of true stories from swimmers worldwide in their own words and photographs - why they swim, what makes them happy and where they've enjoyed swims - from those just starting out, many who have found a lifelong hobby and others who have achieved swimming the English Channel - a great pick-up-and-put-down read

Swimming with shivers - Happy Cold Swimming
- True stories from those who swim in cold waters - from newbies dipping in local social groups to the most experienced setting records swimming in the Arctic - plus 3 scientific studies on the effects of cold water on swimmers

Short stories with twists

Short Moments In Time Vol.1 from The SANDNET Collections

An eBook from Amazon Kindle Books

Short Moments in TIME will swiftly carry you through a variety of mixed emotions. You’ll share situations with a misunderstood innocent child and dedicated work staff, be carried along in a ghostly tale or two, before being cast into the soulless cells with a teenage murderer and a foul-mouthed military maniac. If you love easy to read short stories, with a slightly longer one thrown into the mix, this is a perfect pick up and put down book. Cleverly varied tales will engage you, question your views and attempt to trick you - something for everyone. Enough shorter reads to suit when you only have a few minutes to delve into an unexpected moment, a few longer ones will be worth setting aside some free time. Enjoy them for what each provides to you personally - a smile, a tear, a surprise and sometimes a reflective thought.

Fit them in around your busy day, during moments when you wish to simply take a break from routine to immerse yourself in different worlds and unique characters. Each tale has a slight twist, - some you may guess easier than others, but all are worthy short reads.

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eBook - Short Moments In Crime Short stories of crimes with twists

An eBook from Amazon Kindle Books

Short Moments in CRIME
provides a roller-coaster ride of various crimes. One moment you'll feel the highs of a teenager simply striving for a better life, then breathe to question why certain characters do what they do, before being thrust down to the lows of murderous staff and the cruellest of acts by a self-indulgent boss. If you revel in short crime stories with different themes this selection as a pick up and put down book is ideal for you - with a longer story included for that time you’re in no hurry. Wonderfully crafted mix of crimes - something for everyone. Each tale will entice you to seek the outcome, yet is ideal if you only have a moment to delve into an unexpected plot. Some will make you smile, some may draw a tear. Others may be slightly disturbing, sometimes chilling and occasionally creepy.

Live a moment of a short crime during your commute, lunch hour or evenings. Put your busy day on hold and lose yourself to a place you may never have considered visiting. Each story has a deliberate twist - some constructed for you to solve earlier than others - all are worthy short crime reads.

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